Gaining client’s trust with credible and unbiased advice

Sammati, is a boutique management consulting firm set up by the founders who have a combined experience of more than 45 years in the management consulting industry in India.

At Sammati, our endeavour is to help our clients through our professional services in achieving their business goals. We aspire to be a trustworthy partner who provides credible and unbiased advice to enable our clients successfully meet the legitimate interests of all their stakeholders. We are committed to meet our client’s expectations to the fullest by delivering quality services and pursuing excellence in every client engagement.

Sammati offers services in the area of Strategy, Risk Management and Financial Advisory, across multiple industries and sectors.

Our Process

  • 1

    Problem Definition

    Diagnosing the problem and defining it is the first step in finding a solution. At Sammati we devote a lot of quality time to identify the scope and approach of an engagement.

  • 2

    Data Collection

    Understanding the underlying facts is an important step in arriving at the right solution. The collection of reliable data both from within and outside the organization has always been an important step for Sammati.

  • 3


    The heart of a consulting exercise is in analysing data. Testing our hypothesis, structuring the choices, simulating the alternatives using well-defined methodologies are the key to meaningful analysis.

  • 4


    Driving insights from the results of the analysis is where the experience of the partners come into play. The combined consulting experience of over 45 years between the partners helps Sammati offer best in class solutions.